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Date: 2018-10-21

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Agricultural Page

Agriculture is the oldest and, historically, most broadly serviced market within SpanAfrica, having been the sector on which the growth of the company has been built since 1992.

This sector is divided into two distinct areas; animal handling (covering Pig, Poultry and Dairy) and Storage - please see the separate sections for more details. In addition we also do calf pens, spray races and animal handling facilities.

We operate throughout southern Africa and we have extensive experience in the agricultural sectors in these regions. We have supplied in excess of 2000 agricultural buildings over our tenure and support the agricultural communities in regions by building relationships through social activities and the frequent visits our sales teams make to the farming districts around southern Africa.

We’ve worked in just about every aspect of agriculture and focus on the specific needs of each farmer as we know every one has their own way of doing things. We take pleasure in catering for your unique needs and requirements.

If you’ve found this page then more likely than not you’re busy researching the alternatives for the agricultural building you need constructed. We can either partner with you upfront to guide you through the process or we can come in at the end of your research to provide cost effective solutions to the needs you have identified.

New or Existing Building?

Yes, we do handle new agricultural steel buildings but did you know that we can also undertake extensions and mezzanine floor installations within existing agricultural steel buildings or barns?

For additions to existing buildings we would need to develop an understanding of current and future factors affecting the building such as the loading capacity of the existing structure, the environment factors that are playing a role, as well as the future use of the upgraded facility.

Regardless of what your requirements are, our experienced team is available to answer your questions and share their expertise.

Simply contact us by email or feel free to phone through to the office on +27 (0)33 346 2555 and we’ll put you through to one of our Project Managers.

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