We have assisted many schools in adding classrooms, administrative blocks, indoor and multipurpose centres.

This is a unique market that calls for extreme care when designing, fabricating and installing, especially if it is during term time when children may be excited to watch progress on-site.

Our experienced teams know just how to keep the excitement mounting while maintaining stringent health and safety levels, something that can never be compromised on any site.

School budgets are often very tight and we have a solid history of working alongside the school management team and/or Board in order to achieve objectives within budgetary constraints.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about some of our steel structures that are serving many schools around southern Africa.

Would you like to view some of our school buildings?

Sports Acadamy

Location: Newcastle

Project Manager: Ken Erler

Length     17

Width        8

Height      3
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School Hall

Location: Port Shepstone

Project Manager: Steve Oellermann


Length:  42m

Width:   20m

Height:  5.5m

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Sports Indoor Centre

Location: Hilton

Project Manager: Bill Freeman-Smith


Length: 49m

Width: 32m

Height: 10m


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