Our 4058 sqm factory focuses on four critical success factors during the manufacture process:
Right Materials:
Having been steel building manufacturers since 1992 our entire team has committed to producing steel structures of the highest quality.
We only use high grade materials, which are all signed for and checked at every stage throughout the process. We have minimal shrinkage of stock, which means you only pay for what you get when ordering one of our steel buildings.
All our equipment has been custom purchased with the primary decision taken not on brand name or price, but on cutting accuracy. This is, we believe, the most important function for all equipment.
Right Staff:
We have an experienced labour force that has been with us for many years. Each team member has been developed and trained to a superior level in the job functions he performs and each one of them understands the role they play in delivering a quality end product.
Their dedication is visible, not only in the actual job performance but also in their respect for health and safety standards within the factory.
Right Processes:
Our processes have been refined over the years to the point where we have a very tight production process in place. This is evidenced in the fact that we recently completed a building with over 9,000 holes and when it was erected on-site every hole lined up and matched its partner! No small achievement in this business.
Right Quality Checks:
We have set quality check areas throughout the process and each one is signed off and handed over before the next stage begins. This enables us to pick up any snags quickly and correct them, if necessary, before they progress into the next production segment.
Our Quality Teams are extremely proud of their track record and have raised the bar on a number of occasions to further improve quality standards.
All our buildings are custom made to meet each client’s specific requirements and this allows us to provide you with a building that will meet all your specifications without the need to compromise on the functionality of the building.
While we provide a complete service to those clients who want to make use of it, should you have your own engineer we will gladly manufacture and install a building according to your engineer’s specifications.
The Production Process:
We take pride in the effective and consistent production process employed:
1.      We liaise with our Clients until they have approved the design and budget;
2.      The design is signed off by an engineer;
3.      Once approved the plans are taken through to the processing department where we develop the bill of materials as well as a set of workshop drawings per component;
4.      We then hold the first quality control check meeting. Here the Project Manager hands over the approved workshop drawings to the processing department and the production department and fully briefs them on every detail of the project
5.      The bill of materials is drawn up, and again quality checked by the three parties
6.      The materials are purchased and production is implemented.
The Project Manager controls the process from beginning to end so at every stage one person is overseeing and controlling the process. SpanAfrica believes the best person for this job is the Project Manager who is the one person who fully understands your needs and requirements.
The final quality check is undertaken post production just before it leaves the paint line for transport/delivery on site. This is where the Project Manager has the final check to ensure everything is right and signs it off as being ready for transport.
The company is geared to take on projects of all sizes and though some projects are as small as 200sqm, the majority of projects undertaken range between 500 and 2,000sqm with the largest project undertaken to-date being 32,000sqm.