Our daily mantra is to give you the steel structure you want in the most cost efficient manner possible and our entire organization is geared towards achieving this.

All our buildings are designed to meet SANS10601 design parameters for safety and our team spends significant time, prior to project commencement, understanding your needs and the environmental conditions under which the structure will operate.

Some of the factors we take into account when designing your building include both dead and live loadings eg snow loading; wind speed; terrain category and services required by the building eg fire extinguishers, suspended ceilings, ducting, loadings both inside and outside etc.

While civils and wet works, plus any onsite specific engineering, is the client’s responsibility we have strong relationships with reliable specialists in these fields and should you require contacts we are more than happy to recommend some options. We believe that by focusing on what we do best we can assist you in achieving the most cost effective solution.

We often work extensively with clients requiring steel structures to provide advice on the most effective building design to meet their needs including ventilation, insulation, natural lighting, door access etc. The most critical aspect of the design is the optimization of space and financial resources available to achieve the desired result.

While every building is custom made we do have pre-optimised building sizes available based on spans of 8m; 11,8m; 15,5m; 19,5 and 23m. These have been developed to enable the most cost effective span utilisation.

While our pre-optimised buildings are very popular for those where cost is a primary driver, we can, and regularly do, build to variable size, as client’s needs dictate.

All our engineers carry full professional indemnity and our solid relationship with many engineers enables us to optimize design and manufacture cost effectively.

Foundations and footing for the structural steel can be part of the design element. While it is obviously affected by soil types and conditions, we investigate the terrain, site conditions and environmental factors and take this into account when costing the project.

All our steel and connection bolts are galvanized, high tensile 8.8 graded steel. We believe in only using the best quality to ensure the longevity of the structure. Also, we believe, it looks better!